Goodbye England's rose?

Locally grown roses

The English have long had a love affair with roses, but, despite this, there are sadly very few British cut rose growers left in business. Typically, they have found it too hard to compete with large scale operators in places like Columbia, Kenya and the Netherlands. Happily, there's Sussex Rose, and I went there this week to pick up some in-season locally grown roses to add to the posies. Paul and his wife have been growing roses for over 20 years and their roses are in season from April to October. I've also addes honesty, pampas and sedum this week - indicators that Autumn is on it's way (sorry about that!).

What's in the posy?

Aster, rose, sedum, rose-scented geranium, pittosporum, varigated sage, pineapple sage, honesty, lavender, rosemary, pampas.

What's fragrant?

Rose-scented geranium, varigated sage, pineapple sage, lavender, rosemary.