Home is where the heart is!

Homegrown flowers

As well as buying in from other Flowers from the Farm growers and larger UK growers, we also grow our own flowers. More accurately, Mum grows them. Thank you Mum! I do dabble with a spot of gardening, but Mum's the one with reliably green fingers. She considered market gardening as a career but went for physio instead, reasoning she could grow in her spare time and therefore do both. She's always been self-sufficient in growing vegetables for the family, and looking after other people's gardens, and has gradually been making room in the garden for the flowers. These days there's more flowers than veg, and we use both our gardens plus a small local off-site plot. 

For me, equally important is the foliage. Using a wide variety of interesting and unusual ingredients, seasonal foliage, and foraged components is what makes our posies truly unique.

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