This posy will bring you good luck!

White heather

I couldn't resist using mimosa again this week. It doesn't hang around for long so I'm making the most of it! There's also heather tucked in, which will hopefully give us all a bit of good luck today.

Did you know that Feb 5th is 'Give Kids a Smile Day'! Started by the American Dental Association in 2003, it might just be the right thing to do if you spot a child! This homeschooling business is a struggle for most parents but also a strange and difficult time for the kids too.

What's in the posy?

Tulip, hyacinth, narcissi, eucalyptus, heather, alstroemeria, birch twigs, mimosa, eleagnus, salal.

What's fragrant?

Narcissi, mimosa, hyacinth, eucalyptus.