What's commonly known as the pincushion flower?


It's a traditional cure for scabies, but that's not the only reason I love it! It's my favourite shade of blue and the texture in the centre makes a wonderful focal point. It's a shooting star as far as longevity goes, but perhaps that also adds to its rarity and charm. I wasn't allowed it in my bridal bouquet because the lady helping me said it wouldn't be robust enough. Well, please don't swing it about too much, but I hope you enjoy the gentle charms of the scabious in this week's posy.

What's in the posy?

Scabious, agapanthus, clary sage, lavender, alchemilla mollis, jasmine, hebe, ivy, marjoram, nicotiana, lemon verbena, cornflower, solidago, gypsophila, copper beech.

What's fragrant?

Lavender, marjoram, lemon verbena, jasmine.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.