What's this got to do with the Olympics?


This week includes box (Buxus) from Surrey as the box in my Dorset garden has been totally demolished by the box tree moth caterpillar. Top of the list of garden pests in 2019, the RHS are asking people to report infestation incidents. This invasive species was first spotted in the UK in 2008 and is gradually taking hold around the country. It spread to Russia after a shipment of box from Italy arrived for the Winter 2014 Sochi Olympics. Japan is one of the countries the moth is native to and we've been enjoying watching the Tokyo Olympics and Paralymics this summer.

What's in the posy?

Clary sage, lavender, heather, zinnia, choisya, gypsophila, hypericum, sweet william, box.

What's scented?

Lavender, choisya.