Who's Alex?

Hello Alex!

The first British anemones are in this posy and also sanderson (white flower with black centre) and belladonna lilies (hot pink stars, just opening) - they're very unusual and I'm certain you won't find any of these at the supermarket! I've tried to tone in the colours from recent weeks and have stuck with berry colours that are vibrant and rich.

The first of this year's storms has arrived, Storm Alex, and we are set for a month's rainfall over the weekend. In Bournemouth the soil is very sandy so at least it drains well and the grass is definitely green again. I hope you manage to stay dry and safe.

What's in the posy?

Anemone, sanderson, belladonna lily, clary sage, eucalyptus, sedum, salvia, choisya, cortinus, snowberry, eucalyptus, salal.

What's fragrant?

Eucalyptus and choisya.