Winter weddings

Are you getting married?

It's certainly been a tough year for people wanting to get married. Those that have succeeded have had to bob and weave through the changing rules of what is permitted as we continue to carefully navigate this pandemic.

Winter can be a challenging time for sourcing British flowers at the best of times, but it is still possible to find exquisite British flowers and foliage for your big (or little) day - if you know where to look! Somehow knowing that your wedding flowers are grown locally is reassuring and helps to set the scene for the season in a way that imported blooms do not. It also eliminates the vast air miles typically associated with wedding flowers and so is a good environmental choice. This December bridal bouquet features 100% British flowers and foliage including ranunculus, tulips, narcissi, tanacetum, viburnum, eucalptus and myrtle.